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Our Partners
Vitalia Vitalia

Vitalia Nikola Ltd is a health food production and trading company with a general purpose to supply the domestic and foreign markets with natural, great tasting, nutritional products of excellent quality and reasonable price that fits today’s healthy lifestyle.
The company, which has been operating since 1993, is dynamically growing and establishing itself in a leading position on Balkans and East European markets.
Soko Stark Soko Stark

Soko Nada Stark is the leading sweets producer in Serbia and among the biggest confectionery companies in South Eastern Europe.
Its product range comprises 30 brand names and includes wafers, flips, biscuits, salty sticks, chocolates and chocolate bars. The Company has one wholly owned subsidiary, Soko Stark Maloprodaja d.o.o. Beograd.
Grand Kafa a.d. Beograd has a majority stake in the Company.
Vitaminka Vitaminka

Since the foundation in 1956, Vitaminka has grown into a modern Food Industry and has survived many problems during the last 45 years of it's existance. Now, Vitaminka's road for the future is traced on a solid base of gathered experience.
The directions for the developments and its targets have been agreed and are well known. On 30st March 2005 the company P.I. "Vitaminka" A.D. pronounced the implementation and sertification of a HACCP system for their industrial food operations.
Galafarm Galafarm

Galafarm is a Macedonian manufacturing company for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms.
At present Galafarm is located on a manufacturing site of 2500m2 - in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.
Galafarm has two laboratories and its own warehouse and distribution network from which all manufactured products are distributed across the country.
DrogaKolinska Droga Kolinska

The Droga Kolinska Group brings selected assortment of food to the market, namely, coffee, natural mineral and spring water, soft drinks, spreads, sweet and salted snacks and children’s food. Some of the brands have regional and even global potential.
The strategic goal of the Droga Kolinska Group is to become the biggest food company in the region, through organic as well as through external growth, with further capital integration.
Gorska Voda Gorska

At the beautiful nature site of mountain Kozuf, in an ecological environment, and at 1100m above sea level, the spring Trnskot is used as the main source for Gorska Voda.
The villagers from Konopishte, where Gorska is being bottled, claim that the story about the beauty of the spring of Boshava, and the villagers that used it as a cooling source, has been transferred for centuries from a generation to a generation. Nobody knows since when exactly the source has existed.
Schweppes Schweppes

Schweppes is a beverage brand that is sold around the world. It includes a variety of carbonated water and ginger ales. Its marketing campaign made heavy use of an onomatopoeia in their commercials: "Schhhhh.... Schweppes," after the sound of the gas escaping as one opens the bottle.
Mainstay products include ginger ale (1870), bitter lemon (1957), and tonic water (the oldest soft drink in the world - 1771).
Fructal Fructal

Fructal produces and successfully markets high quality products made from fruit and several other fruits of nature. The competitive advantage of the company lies in making products from natural fruits and that these products retain all the wealth of natural ingredients with no artifical additives. With these eproducta Fructal meets the needs of consumers with regard to health and balanced nutrition and continually improves their eating habits.
Fidelinka Fidelinka

With a six decade long tradition, the Fidelinka Company is a leader on the market of grocery products in Serbia and the region.
The Fidelinka brand is known by its high quality, competitive prices and rich assortment of products. All of that results in a dominating market share in the country and, more important than anything, numerous satisfied and very loyal customers. Fidelinka invests all of its effort and enthusiasm into making sure its products are of the highest quality.
Dijamant Dijamant

Dijamant ad is a Serbia-based company, which is principally engaged in the production of edible oils, vegetable fats and margarines. The Company's product range includes oils (edible refined sunflower oil and roasting oil); margarines (soft margarines, table margarines and industrial margarines); dressings and sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, tartar sauce and horseradish dressing); sunflower and soya products; vegetable fats, and protein fodders.
Gudalat Gudalat

Gudalat ltd has a short but glorious history. It was established in 1999 as a Swiss investment and has from the beginning applied a modern and highly advanced technological approach in its fruit juice production process.
The implementation of renowned standards for the production of safe and healthy products of a high quality is a prerequisite for entering the European market, a challenge easily overcome by Gudalat ltd.
Nestlé Nestlé

Nestlé is the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. We are committed to increasing the nutritional value of our products while improving the taste. Since Henri Nestlé developed the first milk food for infants in 1867, and saved the life of a neighbor’s child, the Nestlé Company has aimed to build a business as the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company based on sound human values and principles.
Diem-GP Diem-GP

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